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Our workshops are custom designed and created for girl scouts, sporting teams, schools, friend groups and more. For more information call 516-802-5800

Not Just Any Body, YOUR Body - Learning to Love It! with Randi Zimmerman

Beauty is often measured by the size and shape and color of our bodies, but that is just a part of our true and real beauty! This workshop will widen your lense, enabling you to see all the parts of you that define and shine and make you an Oh My Girl! Find the value in your posture, attitude, smile, character, creativity, compassion and ambition! Our physical bodies are just a part of who we are. Let’s stand up and refuse to buy into the airbrushed photos, the itsy bitsy models, and the myth of perfection and celebrate our bodies from the inside out

The Nutrition Game with Tracy Stopler

Let’s Make a Meal. It's not a class, it's a fun-filled action game where you will get to participate in gathering an assortment of different foods from different food groups and whoever makes the healthiest meal wins! Join Tracy in this and lots of other fun games and chats that will help our youngest OMG! girls to start to learn all about how you are what you eat!

Living Life The Oh My Girls! Way with Jane Golub

Middle School is a giant transitional time in a girl's life! There's the increased workload, shifting social networks, complicated school schedules, challenging studies, rigorous testing and more. It's also a time that can be full of fun and new discoveries of one’s strengths, passions and inner character. Oh My Girls! Middle School Survival Kit is an amazing and unique 5 week workshop that provides girls with the much-needed tools to best succeed during this time. Topics will include healthy vs. unhealthy relationships; standing up to peer pressure; keeping up confidence levels; avoiding bullying; connecting and working effectively with teachers and coaches; conflict negotiation skills (how to get what you both want in the healthiest way); dealing with stress in positive ways, and much, much more. We will use lots of role-playing so as to give girls the opportunity to practice using these important tools. The OMG! Survival Kit will leave girls feeling totally equipped to not only survive, but thrive during this challenging and exciting time and become the most successful, healthy and happy OMG! girls they can be!

Krav Maga at OMG!

Feeling confident, self-reliant as well as safe and secure, all while exploring new experiences in your life, is one of the goals of all OMG! girls! “Empowerment through Personal Protection” is a program like no other. Developed exclusively for OMG! members, it is a fun, interactive format, utilizing a combination of physical and psychological techniques. You and your friends will tap into strengths and resources you never knew you had while learning the skills necessary to be independent.

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