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So many Oh My Girls! are having amazing experiences both in our fitness room and in the kitchen....

Our girls are getting fit, finding out about the healing powers of yoga and are requesting things like kale chips at snack time, even the ones that ordinarily won't eat their most basic veggies!

AND...there are lots of stories of girls having truly transformative experiences.....

One gluten-free girl who eats NOTHING actually had us take a picture of her to send to her mom, because she was devouring her "self-made" pesto rice pasta with shrimp and broccoli.

Another shared how happy she was to meet other gluten-free girls to help her navigate her way through this difficult dietary lifestyle.

One Jr. Jem who eats no veggies found herself eating fresh spinach for the first time and actually liking it!

Another Jem, in her interview by Newsday, expressed a sense of confidence about heading into 6th grade as a result of the Middle School Survival Kit she got in the workshop lead by Jane Golub.
There were many more wonderful experiences and sharings like these!

We can't wait for yours to be one of them!

A bunch of girls joined us on April 18, 2011, the day before construction started, to see the raw space and talk about why they are so excited about the imminent opening of Oh My Girls!

Here is what some of them had to say...

I am excited for a place where I can learn to live a healthy lifestyle through cooking, exercise, and self expression.

Stephanie B., Age 16

I like the idea of exercising with girls my own age, instead of with older girls, so that they can do what you can do, so that you feel more comfortable.

Alyssa S., Age 10

If I had to use one sentence to describe Oh My Girls! it would be healthy, fun and exciting. Also, I am excited about having no parents and no boys around because you don’t do the same things with your friends when parents and boys are around.

Sammy G., Age 11

I am excited for Oh My Girls! because there is nothing like this around. It is an amazing opportunity to get to exercise with girls my own age, while learning how to cook healthy and delicious food!

Jen B., Age 16

I like the idea of coming to a place where you can talk about things like being safe and you don’t have to be shy.

Sofia N., Age 10

I'm so excited to join Oh My Girls! this summer. I can't wait to experience all the special things they have to offer. I like the idea of having yoga classes and group talks with girls your age, so you don't feel uncomfortable. Oh My Girls! will definitely be a place to hang out with friends after school or on the weekends.

Phoebe W., Age 14

I like the idea of coming to a place where there are like-minded girls, because they feel the way I feel and that will start a good friendship.

Rachel N., Age 10

I like that you can do many things within just one place with girls your own age.

Courtney S. Age 16

I think I like the idea of learning to cook because you can help your mom out and also when you are home alone and you’re hungry, then you know how to cook.

Haley S., Age 10

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