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READY for fitness "The Oh My Girls! Way?"

The Oh My Girls! Fitness Program is truly one-of-a kind: girls get to have a blast hanging with girls their own age, in a small, intimate setting with movements that are age-appropriate and uniquely designed with an understanding of the fitness needs of a girl’s maturing body.

Unlike sports activities and other traditional programs for girls such as dance, skating and gymnastics, which don’t get heart rates up to the optimum recommended levels, Oh My Girls! fitness classes are designed to give girls a fun and effective workout that will not only lead to great physical fitness, but also improve emotional and cognitive well-being.

Buddha Girls!

Slow it down and stretch it out. Are you playing lots of sports or other competitive activities and want to stay at the "top of your game"? This class is designed to help you stay flexible, injury free and feeling great! Where relaxation yoga focuses on more passive poses, the poses in this class will also help you to strengthen the muscles you use daily and challenge some of those you may not even know you had! Athletes: this class is custom-made for you!

Jammin' Girls!

Are you one of those girls constantly plugged into the latest hip-hop tunes on your Ipod? Are you the first one up on the dance floor at a party? If so, then the Oh My Girls! Dance Jam classes are the ones for you! Learn all the hottest moves from the latest music videos, you’ll be getting fit and having a blast while doing so!

Cardio Girls!

Oh My Girls! most intense fitness class, designed for the inner athlete, this class utilizes more sophisticated exercises and equipment, such as medicine balls and free weights, to build the strength and stamina necessary to enhance your performance in all your extracurricular and sporting activities.

Serene Girls!

Perfectly tailored for that overscheduled or stressed kid who tends to do (or worry) too much, this gently stretch and relaxation class is designed to help girls reset their brains to be able to learn better, sleep better and perform better in all areas of their lives.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

A more playful version of Cardiocircuit, this class focuses on getting fit while playing all the games you know and love such as freeze dance, relay races, high-powered hula hooping and some others in our Oh My Girls! arsenal that you are sure to find tons of fun!

All girls must wear fitness sneakers for each of the classes other than Yoga.  Keds and Converse are not appropriate sneakers for the impact classes we offer. Girls should also come dressed in (or change into) appropriate exercise clothes.  We request that clothing bottoms do not contain any writing on the backside and girls refrain from wearing anything with inappropriate slogans. 


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