Cooking and Baking Programs

READY for a new way of cooking? The OH MY GIRLS! Cooking Program will rewrite the book! New recipes, new cooking styles, new subject matter and a completely new attitude!  We are about girls coming together to learn to cook healthy and nutritious food and make their own skin care products for themselves, their friends and family. Girls will not only be learning about nutrition, but through fun conversation and game playing will be building their math and science skills without even knowing it! In addition, we create an environment where girls will support each other through "healthy" peer pressure to eat with a consciousness for creating the best possible body, skin, hair, energy, school performance and overall well-being!

Each night of the week will feature a different emphasis from gluten-free cooking to vegetarian to international cuisines. Our Oh My Girls! Chefs are among the top chefs and chef-educators on Long Island with unique backgrounds that make them particularly well-suited to teach young girls the many different ways to make healthful and delicious meals, from mostly organic ingredients, all by themselves. Everyday features a healthier dessert for keeping the sugar and spice and everything nice in your Oh My Girl! Girls.

In baking classes, girls will learn the fine art of making delicious sweets that are more nutritious and gentler on the body and minds of their developing bodies than traditional desserts!  Note: These classes will fill up super FAST, so reserve your spot today!

"Cooking" at the Oh My Girls! Smoothie Bar

Come inside and check out the Oh My Girls! Do-It-Yourself Smoothie Bar!  While kids are having fun making sundaes at those do-it-yourself yogurt places, the Oh My Girls! Smoothie Bar is a place to dump all those fattening, toxic ingredients and make some delicious, nutritious drinks with organic fruits that will not only put a smile on a girl’s face, but give that face the best glowing skin and healthiest smile. This Bar is especially well-suited for the OMG! Jr. Jems in our cooking program who are not yet using as many kitchen appliances and will feel empowered cooking on their own without a stove!


Baking Classes 60 minutes $22/class (when purchased as a full session) 
Dinner Classes 90 minutes $35/class (when purchased as a full session) 

Register for classes today at 516-802-5800 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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